Is Meds Necessary Or Are You A Lazy Parent? Essay

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Misdiagnosis for children

Joey Rivera
Professor Hodge
Goodwin College
English 300

Are meds necessary or are you a lazy parent? (Ellis, 2012, pg1)” Between 2005 and 2011 data had been collected to show that there was an increase in mental illnesses for children ages 3-17. “ADHD (6.8%) Behavioral or conduct problems (3.5%) Anxiety (3.0%) Depression (2.1%) Autism spectrum disorders (1.1%) (CDC, 2015, para 9” the problem with these numbers is not that there going up it is that there is a misdiagnosis occurring. There is a general misconception about what someone with a mental disorder looks like. The symptoms may also make it harder for a parent not to believe that their normal child might have some extreme disorder when in reality the children are being children. In today’s society parents often use the internet when trying to figure out if their child is normal. Not everything that they read on the internet is accurate; something like a child being inattentive which is usually normal might get misdiagnosed as “ADHD” with no tests to determine it. The drugs that are prescribed for children with mental illnesses are powerful, and are meant to make that child relaxed. It can be dangerous because the child that may not be mentally ill could have a reaction to the drug. There is a tremendous amount of money being misspent by parents. Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression. Oppositional Defiant Disorder…

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