Is It Unnecessary Or Unnecessary? Essay

1206 Words May 17th, 2016 5 Pages
To the vast majority of people, the worst and most frequently occurring feeling in the world takes place after paying a superfluous amount for a service or product, where money was essentially wasted. However, society has seemingly become apathetic to this once distressing sensation, as it continues to take part in this once dreaded and avoided activity. Everyday, millions of American fliers accept the charges for services that were once complimentary and are an unnecessary part to their flight. These fees are now present for services that range form the transporting of luggage to the printing of a customer’s boarding pass. The country’s most popular airlines’ fees are unnecessary and excessive, and they serve for no other purpose than to increase the already large profits of said airlines. The charges airlines present to their customers are completely unnecessary and pointless. On average, domestic travelers pay almost double the amount they initially were charged for every leg of their travels (Mosendz). This fact is almost completely attributed to the fees for checking baggage, printing boarding pass at the airport, and switching passengers to an either earlier or later flight. These services were once obligatory by the airlines, and expected as a part of the ticket price. Yet, the majority of airlines choose to forget the not to distant pass, except for one example outlining the auxiliary nature of these fees. Southwest Airlines, the low cost domestic carrier based in…

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