Is Iraq A Multi Ethnic Nation? Essay

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Iraq is a nation that has a rich culture made up of many ethnic groups. Iraq has dealt with the struggles that most multi-ethnic nations struggle with. The three predominant ethnic groups in Iraq are the Sunnis, the Shiites, and the Kurds. There are also many minority ethnic groups that make up the Assyrian Christians, the Yazidis, the Turks, and the Armenian Christians among others. I will explain to the reader why Iraq must abandon their corporatist form of government. The future of Iraq depends on them changing their form of government and putting in place a pluralist form of government. This is essential for the survival of Iraq as a nation for these four main reasons: the recent history of Iraq, Iraq being a multi-ethnic nation, the failure of corporatist governments in Iraq, and the benefits that will come pluralist form of government.
Corporatist forms of interest have failed Iraq before with President Saddam Hussein from 1979-2003. He ran a corporatist form of government that favored the Sunnis. When Saddam Hussein was removed from power, after the US-led invasion, the Shiites took power in Iraq. When the US withdrew their troops from Iraq, the Shiite-led government in Baghdad ran a corporatist form of Government that favored their religion. Iraq has the potential to become one of the major powers in the Middle-East. In order to achieve this, Iraq cannot be governed like the majority of their neighbors which are led by authoritarian regimes. Iraq is…

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