Is Fast Food A Safe Or Healthy Food? Essay

1664 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Is fast food a safe or healthy food to be eating? This has been asked numerous times throughout the course of history. Currently that question is being asked about our fast food and other artificial foods we eat. Humans are starting to get lazier and lazier every generation which results in them buying the cheap fast food that is asked if it is healthy or not for you. There have been multiple studies, surveys, and research done on this topic to finally get an answer. One statement regarding that the food we eat isn’t safe comes from a film named Film for the Humanities and Sciences. It goes on to say that this culture of human beings has more fat than any other culture in the history of the world. It just overall means that some of the food we are eating is not very good for us and continues to make the human population more fat. Fast food is chosen compared to the healthy choices because it is way more convenient and sometimes the healthy food is fake or just tastes plain nasty. No one wants to eat a salad that has no crunch or green to it, and no one wants to eat a piece of grilled chicken that is more dry than the Sahara Desert. Convenience is the biggest reason we all choose fast food over eating at home or eating some type of healthy option that is good for us. A statement stating that the food we eat is safe comes from an article written by Kathryn Gilhuly states that “if you make careful choices, fast food can offer both convenience and heath. The Subway menu offers a…

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