Is Education Necessary For Education? Essay

768 Words Nov 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Globalization, financial crisis, and income inequality have caused tremendous changes in our life as well as our access to higher education. School has become more expensive and high paying jobs always require a degree. People began to think that General Education requirements in degree seeking curriculums are now hinders for students in their educational path. The reason is these requirements take too much time, money, and resource to complete while students need to acquire a degree and a job as fast as possible. Moreover, their social and financial situations may not allow them to stay in school for too long. However, it is not quite accurate to say that GE courses are time wasting, education is always meant to serve our life in one way or another. The skills you earn in general education are not just about taking enough units, it is about the benefits you will achieve in the long term. Students are saying that they were forced to enroll in classes that entirely not related to their major. Therefore, spending one whole academic year for 12 Gen Ed classes wasted their time, money, and pile up their debts. It is true that one academic year is quite a long period of time and the cost of college is expensive. However, consider the skills you will learn in those classes. You may not remember the math you learned in college; but the skills you obtained, such as calculating or problem solving could serve you well in your daily life and other fields. In “The Value of General…

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