Is Eating Meat Unethical? Essay

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Summary-Response Paper #1 Is eating meat unethical? In “Food For Thought”, edited by Steve F. Sapontzis, he addresses differing views concerning the consumption of flesh in the Editor’s Introduction. “Food For Thought” was published in 2004 by Prometheus Books and has many essays about the debate of eating meat. Sapontzis was a former professor of philosophy at California State University and author of many articles and books on animal welfare and ethics. He is also the president of Hayword Friends of Animals Humane Society (Sapontzis 382). Steve F. Sapontzis begins his introduction by identifying the purpose of his writing, to help readers understand the primary issues of debate about eating meat and the motivations behind them (Sapontzis 10). He then moves on to offer a baseline of understanding by defining vegetarianism as the act of not eating meat, and meat as the flesh of animals, including fish and birds (Sapontzis 10). In the following section, Sapontizis discusses different reasons of why people refrain from eating meat such as health concerns, poverty, and ethical reasons (Sapontzis 10). Sapontzis continues by exploring the various viewpoints people hold about what animals and animal products are ethical to consume and argues that “Thus, both objections to and defenses of meat eating differ both in kind and degree to the point where simply talking about meat eaters versus vegetarians is grossly oversimplifying the issues involved in and the positions taken in…

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