Essay about Is Composting A Organic Fertilizer?

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Many gardeners may not be aware that common items from around the house can start off a healthy, nutritious garden. Composting is one of the ways to retain a well-maintained garden while avoiding chemical fertilizers. Using compost in your garden has been known to be beneficial in building a sustained garden due to its spectrum of essential plant nutrients. Using compost as a organic fertilizer is an important factor in maintaining a healthy garden because it is cost effective, convenient, saves resources, while helping improve plant development. Though compost provides the necessary nutrients for plants, some are concerned about the cost of composting. According to the “Green Action Centre,” compost is very cost effective and helps save money. This persuades gardeners from using harsh chemical fertilizers. Due to composting having the ability to decrease the amount of kitchen and garden waste, this reduces the needs for fertilizer, also making it cheaper to garden. Anything from paper to coffee grounds used in your coffee maker can start a well-maintained garden.While many may believe composting a garden is costly, not many items are needed to start composting, due to its benefits of providing nutrient-rich food, improving the soil structure, and maintaining the moisture levels. Though it does require some materials to start the process, the materials remain cost effective. Before beginning to compost, the proper materials needed: are a compost bin(your choice),…

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