Is Anxiety And Stress Disorder? Essay examples

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If we now focus on chapter 11 based on psychological disorders, the pages 448 - 451 include information on Anxiety and Stress Disorder. The textbook refers anxiety as a disorder in which an individual hold feelings that are uncomfortable, dreadful and worrying. The textbook mainly focuses on Anxiety Disorders but does include that anxiety may happen on a day-to-day basis, in which too much of it may become hazardous. A person who has been experiencing anxiety may be for the reason that they are stressed about a certain situation and or might feel worried about a negative outcome from a certain situation. They build up a sense of anxiety as they feel that they will not be able to do anything that will prevent the bad situation or do anything to subside it. This can be related to the article since it raises the awareness that many pregnant women experience anxiety. The textbook may give a possible reason as to why the women are anxious. It may be for the reason they are afraid of the nine-month pregnancy to follow and that they are stressing a lot to make sure the pregnancy runs smoothly. The article opens by stating many women are taught about what to eat and do when they are pregnant but that they lack the mental component that may also cause harm. The fact that the women might be stressing over what to eat and do may cause the women to experience high levels of anxiety. Therefore, the article tries to teach women that they must not stress over every little thing and learn…

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