Is American Nonviolence Possible? Essay

1286 Words Sep 24th, 2015 null Page
Todd May wrote the article “Is American Nonviolence Possible?” to address the growing epidemic of violent crimes and actions across the United States. Mays opens the article with specific examples of very violent events to set the situation to which he is responding so that the reader feels the need for what Mays is explaining in this article. Mays introduces the issue with a rhetorical question, and poses many of these throughout the article so that the audience asks the questions to themselves as they read his stance on how America needs to evaluate how much violence occurs in our nation. The author effectively appeals to the logical feelings of the American people, as well as invokes their emotions into feeling that a change needs to come around for everyone being addressed. Throughout the article, May utilizes rhetorical strategies such as rhetorical questions and appeals to emotion so that the reader thoroughly feels that what he is writing about is relevant and necessary for the people of this country to address the growing violence in the United States. This essay was written in April 2013 just a few weeks after the bombing of the Boston Marathon. This event created the situation for May to construct this response to this violent act as well as others including the Sandy Hook massacre and the release of the reports of torture by the United States’ government. The author argues the stance that America has been violent for so long that it will be very difficult to…

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