Is America The Land Of Opportunity? Essay

1100 Words Oct 15th, 2015 5 Pages
Is America the land of opportunity? Is the classic American dream tangible in the modern day journey to success? There are many factors that are detrimental to the ability to succeed; such as socioeconomic status and class standing, minority status, and gender. Over the years, America has become the land of economic disparity, not opportunity. The impact of class is a leading cause of American’s inability to not only succeed, but live their daily lives. Class can affect anything from health, education, and the environment. The discrepancy amongst classes also leads to a large income gap. With sixty percent of Americans only owning four percent of the wealth, the difference between classes grows more evident each day (Mantsios 285). The correlation between education and success is blatant in today’s society. If a stuent at a university is asked why they were there, the reason would most likely be something along the lines of “to get an education”. Why would they want an education? To get a good job. That good job would lead them to have a successful life. The wealthy have an advantage in this field because they can afford the private tutors, preparatory schools, and higher education that those in the lower class cannot. According to Mantsios, those in the lower class have been proven to be less likely to excel in academics. This can be seen by comparing SAT scores of upper class students with those of lower class students. On average, students from a wealthy family will…

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