The Importance Of Irrational Decisions In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet is tragic play written by William Shakespeare, that tells the dramatic story of Hamlet the prince of Denmark. Hamlet finds himself as the center of the story following the death of his father, the king of Denmark, whom Hamlet finds out is murder by his uncle, Claudius. He also married the Gertrude, the queen, Hamlet 's mother. And takes over the throne, as the new ruler of Denmark. Hamlet has deal with several emotions which ended up making him mad. He wanted to avenge his father but whenever he got the opportunity hesitated. And throughout the play makes irrational decisions that finally lead to his death. Hamlet 's madness was real, not feigned and his mental stability is affected by many factors throughout the play which include his father 's death, his uncertain relationship with Ophelia and lastly Gertrudes and Claudius irrational decisions. To start with, king Hamlet 's death considerably affected Hamlets mental well being, is …show more content…
She was the only person to be beside him and whom he seem to love. Apparently, some of her actions concerning Hamlet greatly impacted his mental state because she betrayed Hamlet 's love and trust. There was never an stability or complete truthfulness in their relationship. In command of her father, Polonius, Ophelia decided not to talk and ignored Hamlet under any circumstances. At some point she meets him again due to Polonius plans, to prove that Hamlet was mad because of Ophelia. She was used as bait. Ophelia at that time rejected him and return many of his letters and gifts. While Hamlet turn into madness and was very upset. And he ended denying any feelings towards her in a very cruel manner. He felt betrayed by everyone since no one has been with him all along and now she is letting the king and Polonius use her for their own benefit. He ended up hurting Ophelia 's feelings and was particularly affected by her sudden

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