Essay Irony Of The Crucible By William Shakespeare

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Although irony is used throughout “The Crucible”, it is often mistaken or confused for other literary devices. Irony is words that are usually the opposite of their usual meaning. Authors use irony in their novels to catch reader’s attention and cause suspense. Irony is used so that you cannot always predict the end of the book. Irony is used many ways In “The Crucible” along with literature. Readers may have trouble identifying the differences between the literary devices and confuse irony for something else.
Irony is the concept of written or spoken words that generally mean the opposite of their usual meaning. It will lead you thinking one thing, but in the end it could be different. It adds an extra interest when you are reading. “When we use irony in our speech we are not especially aware of our creating a fictitious character.” (Schaeffer 178). Schaeffer talks about how irony can be confusing to some, and sometimes you aren’t aware of how you’re using it because the way people read irony is from the outside in. Irony occurs very often in literature, readers may sometimes not even realize. There are many different kinds of irony. For example, three common types are dramatic irony, verbal irony and situational irony. Dramatic irony is when the reader is given specific information that a character or narrator is not aware of. Verbal irony is saying one thing but meaning the other. Situational irony is when the outcome is significantly different from what was expected.…

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