Essay about Iron Sun By Sharon M. Draper

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In the book Copper Sun ,by Sharon M. Draper , Amari is a fifteen year old African girl who lives in Ziavi Africa. Amari is an innocent and curious girl who cannot wait to be an adult like her father and mother. Everything is going as planned until a group of white men come to her village. They thought it was friendly but the white men had other intentions as to invade them. Many Africans, if not killed, were captured and taken to America to be used as slaves. Amari had not experienced anything like this and was afraid and confused about what was going on. She had no idea why these men and their friends, of the neighboring tribe, were here to take them away. Amari is observant, strong-willed and brave. During her journey she is unaware of what all is happening and then starts to realize that she is now a slave and throughout this journey she developed her bravery. Amari is changed by the events of history due to slavery. She started off as a free women and was captured due to the inhumane nature of the White men. Amari is forced to do this she does not want to do due to slavery. She is raped and whipped and worked extremely hard. Amari was not the only person in the book who was effected by slavery. A young white girl named Polly was an indenture, meaning that she had to work like a slave for a man she owed money to or a way to get money. By being an indenture and living with the slaves she began to see how wrong slavery really is and that slaves do understand what is…

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