Irmgard Bryant Personality

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We’ve all heard stories about the Nazis and how they were all horrible, immoral people, but we were never given any proof that this was true. Irmgard Bryant is the living proof of what the Nazi regime was really like. Born in 1930, Irmgard is the oldest of two daughters to a very devout Catholic family. Before she was born, Irmgard’s father, a World War I veteran who had been gassed, prayed for his life to be spared and promised the Holy Mary that his first born son would be a priest. When she was born and discovered to be a girl, her father couldn’t accept the fact that he would not be able to fulfill his promise, so he treated her as a boy, calling her “Strong Jack.” Thus, starting at a very young age, Irmgard’s family took away an important part of her identity.
Irmgard, naturally curious and cunning, asked too many questions both at church and at school and was soon endangering her family. On a spring day in 1940, Irmgard’s father was brought into questioning about his loyalty to Hitler. Using her intelligence and cunningness, Irmgard, ten years old at the time, was able to talk one of the Nazis into letting her father go home by pretending to be an innocent scared little girl. Her father and she walked home hand-in-hand that day and that was the only time in her entire life that she “felt adoration from
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London also held “education without all the Nazi crap” and “a clean history not all the garbage [she] was told before.” In London, people wanted Irmgard to teach their children French, one of the victorious languages, but no one wanted her to teach German, the language of the Nazis. Irmgard also found the culture she had been seeking in France in the form of theatre and language. As she puts it, “There are so many things you can say in Latin or Shakespearean English that would sound so dull

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