Essay on Ireland 's Despair Of Poverty

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Ireland’s Despair in Poverty
Although still problematic in some parts of the world, the idea of poverty and famine cease to cross the minds of most people today. The issue certainly remains persistent in Jonathan Swift’s 1729 essay “The Modest Proposal” regarding Ireland’s vast amount of female beggars along with three to six children each (63). A solution provided in the text includes children, one year of age, be sold for cannibalism and the production of clothes or shoes out of skin. Provided the proposal is concrete with proper calculations and supportive claims, it is wise to consider an alternate solution due to the health concerns related to the practice of humans consuming other humans. Despite the limited effect of protection used in this era, individuals may obtain a slight amount of sexual education and the practice of abstinence, along with forced abortion to anyone unfit to support children. As for the remaining women and children who occupy the streets, a possible solution may be to tax landowners for the development of food gardens across the country, free of charge
To solve Ireland’s financial crisis, Swift furnished his argument with an apparent understanding of the dangerous quantity of dependents occupying the country. First examined in numerical form by stating “…there will remain a hundred and seventy thousand breeders. I again subtract fifty thousand, for those women who miscarry…There will only remain a hundred and twenty thousand children of poor…

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