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Over the years, both men and women have adopted an assortment of methods to remove unwanted hair from the bodies in various places. The problem is that shaving, as the most used method, produces only short-term results causing people to repeat the process at times, daily. Waxing is another form of hair removal that is a bit longer lasting than shaving, but still needs repeating in a short time to remove the hair once again. Thanks to technological advances, people now can enjoy the long-term benefits of IPL hair removal, such as the ones in following list.

1. IPL effectively removes hair without causing skin irritation unlike what happens with shaving or waxing many times. In addition, the treatments are relatively painless.

2. The sessions
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Unlike shaving or waxing, IPL hair removal produces permanent hair loss in clients in about three to seven treatment sessions. Of course, clients must remember that IPL works best on those whose hair is darker than their skin. Clients with light hair and skin may need to keep waxing to remove unwanted hair to keep it away longer than what shaving does on clients.

6. IPL is cost-effective when you take into consideration how many waxing sessions you may need to pay for over the years if you do not receive IPL treatments for hair removal. Even shaving is expensive since you need to purchase new blades and shaving cream along the way.

7. With waxing, you must re-grow your hair to at least, one-fourth of an inch before another session is possible, but with IPL treatments, no re-growth is necessary for the next session to take place.

When you need an effective way to remove unwanted hair from areas of your body, turn to My Beauty First for IPL hair removal. Costs vary depending on the area of treatment, but our prices range from $20 for the female neck area to $500 for a full female body. We also offer this service for men. Our company guarantees quality

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