Iphone App : App Review ( 1500 ) Essay

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Moven App Review (1500) https://moven.com/ Moven allows you to monitor your finances from your Smartphone. It is a mobile-only bank, which means almost all of your transactions and interactions with the bank will occur via your Smartphone.

The banking services are delivered to you via an Android or iOS app, and with its instant feedback function and account management features, it promises a new type of banking experience where you do it all through your Smartphone.

How To Get Started

Start by going to Moven.com ( https://moven.com/ ). If you are over 18, they will allow you to sign up. It is free to sign up; you simply need to enter your date of birth, and your social security number. After that, you are prompted to sign up with your email address and a new password. Create your account and login information and you are given an electronic application form.

Fill in the form and get approval for your Moven mobile-bank account. After a few days, you will receive your debit card. If you use a fee-free ATM machine, then you may draw out as much as $500 per day without paying withdrawal fees.

You will receive a RFID card that allows you to use contactless payments if the merchant has the correct type of card terminal. Also, if the merchant’s card terminal accepts MasterCard or PayPass, then you may use your Moven card(s).

If you wish to shop online, then use the card numbers in the same way you would if you were using your regular bank Visa card or MasterCard.


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