Investigating The Position Of The Architecture As Discipline And A Profession

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Architects are the main professionals who deal directly with the environment, therefore, they are on the fore front in determining the nature of the environment in the long-term. During the designing process they come up with the land planning process. They determine the process of moving material, the use of material and most of all they determine the site of the buildings. All this factor affect the landscape and consequently, the fate of the natural species and wildlife species. Therefore, architects ethics is determined by their opinion and action toward environmental conservation.
This paper seeks to investigate the position of the architecture as discipline and a profession with the consideration of the environmental sensitivity. This paper pays attention particularly to the use of land and land planning by the architects, protection of the threatened natural habitats and animal species, ethical consideration of the architects’ toward the environment and the training of environmental issues and environmental sensitivity. In additional, this paper seeks to know the area of discussion between the architectural firm and their clients.
The finding of this study will provide a broader perspective toward the protecting the environment. It will also indicate the effort being made in designing structure that are environment friendly. Structure that reflects the current global needs. It will identify the effect being made in…

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