Inventory Control Management Essay

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In today’s “tech” and competitive world, businesses are in transformation from manual inventory system to automated inventory system, including small businesses. Automated Inventory systems can reduce costs, retain the existing customers and gain profits. It can replace the time consuming manual process by providing more accurate data. Every business should have a proper inventory system in order to track whether the store is running out of the stock of an important item or there are some items that are obsolete. Nowadays, automated system is used almost by all the retailers, grocery stores and manufacturing companies. A good inventory control system will alert the retailer when it is time to reorder ( Automated …show more content…
The main database will show any updates, changes and real-time visibility of the inventory levels.
Initially, the cost of the system includes the purchase of hardware and software that is required to scan, label and track the inventory. The following hardware is required for the system: * Laptop- which would be easier and can be carried to the warehouse if necessary. * The laptop will be purchased from dell online store for $399.99 and the system details will be : Dell Inspiron 15(3520)-64 bit-4GB RAM, Windows 7- 500GB Hard Drive, 2nd Generation Intel Core CPU-2.3GHz, DVD Burner, 15.6” HD ( ). * Backup/recovery/portable hard disk and archive device used for archiving the data and also in case the system crashes then a recovery disk can used and can restore the data stored in the system * Powervault RD1000-Removable Disk Storage will purchased from for $349.00 * Wireless router is required for the mobile device like RF gun or barcode scanner. * Linksys EA2700 High Performance Dual-band Router for $88.00 from Wal-Mart
* Mobile scanning device will integrate data wirelessly and appear on the main database. * Metrologic ScanPal 2 will be purchased from for $514.00 * Barcode printer will be required for printing labels and

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