Introductory Theory : The 1857 Act Introduced Divorce Through The Court

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The 1857 Act introduced divorce through the court. Men were able to “petition the court” for a divorce on the basis of their wife 's adultery, which would have to be proved, as would the absence of any collusion or condonation of that adultery (Cooperative, n.d.). According to, the first recorded divorce in the American colonies was that of Anne Clarke and her husband Denis Clarke of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on January 5, 1643. The divorce was granted by the Quarter Court of Boston, MA on the grounds that Denis Clarke abandoned his wife to be with another woman (Cooperative, n.d.).
Since divorce has been around for this length of time married couples have taken advantage of divorce without proper counseling before or after. Couples were never really aware of the emotional impact of divorce for a long time. Also divorce was originally created if someone committed adultery. Now people divorce just because they can or maybe they no longer love their spouse

Divorce is a scary word. When you think of divorce you automatically think of something ‘Negative” Divorce simply means the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body ( (Merriam-Webster, 1828)
There are four ways to measure divorce statistics. Crude Divorce Rate which is the number of divorces per 1000 people in the population. Then there is the total Percent Ever Divorced this is the percentage of…

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