Introduction to Project Management Essay

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Tiffany Muller
August 28, 2015
OGL 320
Introduction to Project Management
Module 1, Paper 1
Ben Pandya
Arizona State University

What key things did you learn about project management in general and for you specifically?

Project Management is so much more complex than one would initially think, but with clear understanding of what the job truly is, it is far more fascinating at each and every intricacy that really is involved in running a successful project from start to finish. Over the course of my professional years, I have found myself falling into this role more and more. I am naturally a very thorough and detailed person so much of what project management entails I applied to my everyday work, and for a long time
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I was also aware of the need to determine the actual problem that needs solved and determining the desired end result. With that, it makes sense to understand the variety of steps needed in between, but a new aspect to me is that there is an actual name and process that breaks down this step, Work Breakdown Structure. As well as just how important follow up and forecasting truly is throughout the entire process. Preventative maintenance when it comes to risk is essential to being successful and staying on track; any unforeseen roadblocks need to have an action plan ready to be implemented should a situation arise, all the while without causing any delays to the project as a whole.
One mistake can have a drastic ripple effect throughout the rest of the process and could end up quite costly. Truly understanding the importance of all that entails is critical in fully understanding each aspect of Project Management.

What did you learn about either yourself or the person you assessed in the “How Good Are Your Project Management Skills” quiz? What can you/he/she work on to improve your/his/her skills?
I learned a great deal about myself in the “How Good Are Your Project Management Skills” quiz – not just in the summary response to my answers, but in the actual scenarios themselves. For example, “I routinely monitor and reevaluate significant risks as the project continues.” Knowing I do this sporadically throughout the project, for some

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