Introduction To Poetry Theme

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Reading a poem is like having to put all the puzzle pieces together. Puzzles may seem hard and difficult figure out at first but you need to realize that not everything looks the way it seems. In order to find the true beauty of the puzzle, you have to keep an open mind to the possibilities. In the poem’s, “Inside a Poem” by Eve Merriam and “Introduction To Poetry” by Billy Collins, you have to analyze what the poem is talking about in order to find the theme. The theme for “Inside a Poem” is that anyone can be a poet. The theme for “Introduction to Poetry” is to be patient when reading a poem and once you do that, you will find the true meaning of the poem. Billy Collins and Eve Merriam create images through their poem for readers that the readers can’t withstand. …show more content…
The poem’s theme by Eve Merriam has a tone of playfulness while the poem’s theme by Billy Collins has a tone of seriousness. A quote from “Inside a Poem” is, “it doesn’t always have to rhyme” (Merriam 1). That quote triggers a hint that for the reader that maybe the theme is how anyone can be a poet. Being a poet doesn’t mean rhyming every other line, you just have to think about what you feel and write it down on a piece of paper. The quote is encouraging readers to show their emotions through poems.While the poem “Introduction To Poetry” and its theme encourages to let go of the anxiety for figuring out the poem and just let patience do the work for

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