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Compare and contrast distinguishing elements or features of early Greek and Roman cultures, including but not limited to, government, geographical terrain, economics and trade practices, art and architecture, philosophical and religious differences.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST GREEK AND ROMAN EARLY CIVILIZATION GREEK CIVILIZATION | ROMAN CIVILIZATION | | | Geography: Greece comprise of Mediterranean countries. However, terrain is hilly countryside and were near water. Cities that were created around Mediterranean Sea are known as colonies. | Geography: Also Mediterranean countries; however, more inland, on one side Tiber
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Greek sculptures and statutes were mostly naked telling stories about Gods, Heroes and Events. Music also played an important role in soothing and relaxing mind and soul as it considered divine. In ancient Sparta music was used to educate and train youth. It was part of everyday life and very significant during events, parties, festivals and religious and social rituals | Art, Entertainment & Music: Artists will produce realistic portraits with mosaic personification. Romans had a special theater to play music. It also had great importance in religious ceremonies, civic activities, entertainment, and the military and within daily lives. | Government: Democracy was one of the many styles of government that Greeks invented. In ancient times, Greece was controlled by local kings. Over the time kings were replaced by aristocrats, who were powerful, hereditary noblemen and wealthy landowners. Each Polis - city-states – had its own government. The government system was classed as: i) Monarchies, ii) Oligarchies, iii) Tyrannies and iv) Democracies. Athens had more democratic government whereas Sparta was more military. In any kind of government women, children, foreigners had no say so. Laws were not always official and often families sort their own laws for punishments. | Government: Ancient Rome had its own form of government. Roman government is derived from Greek ideas

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