Intimate Partner Violence : Behind Closed Doors Essay

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Intimate Partner Violence: Behind Closed Doors
Without proper information about relationships, quickly things could turn bad. New relationships offer a new, warm experience. Relationships offer a distraction from the everyday hum of normal life. Intimate partner violence, also known as IVP, can be described as any mental, physical, or emotional harm that is inflicted by a partner. IVP is also connected directly to a person’s health related quality of life. Health related quality of life is how someone’s health relates to how they view their life. For example if a person who is paralyzed may not have as good of a health related quality of life as someone who can move freely. Intimate partner violence needs to be stopped and with proper training and education it can be.
Intimate partner violence causes serious effects on people. Worldwide about 30% of women are victims or have experienced cases of IVP. While less is known about male victims it is estimated to be about 25 percent of mainly english speaking populations (Costa). While the numbers are staggering the effects are just as bad. One effect of IVP with women is depression. Depression can cause lack of appetite and weight gain, loss of energy, and may cause the inability to function correctly in society (Karakurt). Depression is a crippling disorder that can ruins the lives of a multitude of people. Intimate partner violence also causes post-traumatic stress disorder in 40 to 60 percent of women. PTSD is caused by the…

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