Essay On Intimate Partner Violence

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Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence Research has revealed intimate partner violence to be further multifaceted than once initially thought (Holtzworth-Munroe & Stuart, 1994). Traditional intimate partner violence management emphases on male perpetrators and female survivors. This is a theory that all violence is patriarchal, which I believe Johnson is using when defining the sub-groups of batterers. Based on this theory, the foundations of Johnsons control typology are grounded in the studies of the feminist concept. This idea conceives intimate partner violence as a matter of control, imbedded in patriarchal customs in heterosexual relationships. The first sub-group Johnson defines as a typology of violence is situational violence, …show more content…
A single mom, Julie, has formed a relationship rather quickly with neighbor, also single, Mr. Turner. Her son, Kale, begins to become suspicious of Mr. Turner because of how quickly he is trying to bond with his mother. He then accuses Mr. Turner of the murders happening around their town and is worried Julie would be his next victim. One night, Julie goes to her neighbor’s house to apologize for Kales behavior and accusations of Mr. Turner, but it quickly escalates into an abusive argument. Mr. Turner strikes Julie with an object strong enough to knock her out, and drags her to the basement. He did not want any control over Julie, rather was interested in harming her because of the argument of accusing him of being a killer. Opposite of situational violence is intimate terrorism. Johnson’s typology of intimate partner violence is established in the nature of the control environment of the relationship in which violence takes place. Intimate terrorism is the violence feminist frequently speak of, in which one partner uses violence and other control strategies to attempt to take control over his partner. Johnson expresses while though intimate terrorism perpetrators and primarily men, woman can sometimes be the terrorist in a heterosexual

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