Interpersonal Communication : Communication And Communication

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Interpersonal communication is used daily by everyone. Whether with friends, family, or significant others, we must use interpersonal communication to communicate with them. Without interpersonal communication, how could we communicate? Not only is interpersonal communication verbal, but it is also nonverbal. In fact, most interpersonal communication is nonverbal (DeVito). Furthermore, listening skills are also a significant part of interpersonal communication. The health of a relationship is majorly affected by how well two individuals can communicate interpersonally. Taking an interpersonal communication course may not seem necessary to someone who has not taken it. However, the material in this course will be used in every career, as well as in every relationship.
In the introductory speech class, we discussed interpersonal communication frequently. However, while taking a course focusing solely on interpersonal communication, I came to a realization that there is much more to the subject. From the beginning of the course, I learned concepts that I could apply or have already applied to my relationships. For example, nonverbal communication plays a significant role everywhere I go. On my left finger, I wear a ring. I had never thought about this being a form of nonverbal communication to people that I come in contact with. According to the textbook, Interpersonal Messages by Joseph A. DeVito, a tie sign is a signal that communicates a person’s relationship…

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