Internet and Society Essay

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Internet and Society

A growing body of research shows that internet has a huge impact on the society. Based on secondary data available with us, we are expanding the design of impact of internet with reference to youth in India.
The maximum usage of internet is done by Gen Y. They use internet for different purposes like Social Media, Email and chatting, Entertainment, E-Commerce and Internet Banking to some extent. We will be showing the fraction of the society using internet and also designing the impact of internet on the mindset of them. Both, positive as well as negative impacts will be drafted. We will be also showing the time spent by an average person on the internet.


The internet is
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With the growing numbers of internet users in India, one has to admit that there are various benefits as well as side effects related to it. Internet is very useful to the society if it is used in a proper and secured way else it will lead to a disastrous situation. In this paper, the internet user percentage, the various kind of activities performed and the time taken by the people are discussed.

Literature Review
1. Rajat Kathuria & Mansi Kedia Jaju explains policy recommendations and the corresponding justification is based on our findings, for aiding the development of the internet/ broadband ecosystem rather than simply supply side efforts. If internet takes off, it could transform lives and livelihoods, not just by connecting India’s poor to the infrastructure of the digital economy, but by allowing them to become digital producers and innovators The focus is on policies that will drive the development of the core and access networks along with restructuring of the corresponding institutional mechanism.
2. Angie Guan & Kaveri Subrahmanyam explains that online risks such as addiction, cyber bullying, and sexual solicitation are associated with negative consequences for youth. It is important to note that not all children are equally susceptible and more research is necessary to identify the youth most at risk as well as to develop effective

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