International Trade And The Global Market Essay

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By the nineteenth century western countries that embraced the Industrial Revolution held all the social and political power in society that was founded in the ideology of capitalism and a global market for trade. This was created by the technology that came out of the Industrial Revolution that made significant advancements in production, warfare and agriculture. With these advancements, countries that embraced the Industrial Revolution, such as the United States, Russia, and some European Countries, grew very wealthy and took control of the global market. International trade was a very important aspect of keeping the global market vibrant. Most countries were happy to trade, but some countries refused to, which led to invasions and colonization of these lands to enforce compliance with western ideologies. The governmental superpowers, the United Stated, Russia and some European Countries, used steamships, machine guns, quinine and the telegraph to begin invading and then colonizing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and islands around the world. This was to firstly, force international trade and increase the global market. The money that was generated from the increased global market could help pay for the invasions and enable the propagation, by the United Stated and Europe, of the white protestant ideologies throughout the world. People and governments that did not act as the white protestant westerner did, by embracing the Industrial…

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