International Relations : Human Nature, And Decision Making Process

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The Oxford Dictionary online (2016) defines international relations as “the way in which two or more nations interact with and regard each other, especially in the context of political, economic, or cultural relationships”. However, what to include and exclude in the definition is a controversial topic and there is still no decisive answer of what international relations means. Scholars have been suggesting various definitions, for instance, one source stated that International Relations (i.e. the study of international relations, referred to as IR) is defined as “the study of interactions among the various actors that participate in international politics including states, international organizations…and individuals” (Mingst et al. 2014: 2) in which case not only nations but also all other participants are included. Among a variety of explanations, Brown and Ainley (2009) stated that its conventional definition is more about “diplomatic, military and strategic” relationships between states. This essay will demonstrate the main factors: its history, human nature, and decision making process, which make IR commonly regarded as more about conflict rather than cooperation between states.
Retracing how IR emerged and has been continuously developing to the present will give us plausible idea for a traditional image of IR. The idea of international relations has been existing since a group of people started to live together and the sense of in-group and out-group appeared.…

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