International Organizations And The International System Essay

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International organizations are relatively new entities in the international system, dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century. However, in this short time period, all of the international system (and thus international law) has interaction with international organizations during the execution of the functions of a nation-state. According to Dr. Mark Janis of the University of Connecticut and Oxford, “…International organizations are creatures of international agreement constituted by sovereign states to accomplish common goals” (Janis 209). There is nothing in the “human endeavor” that international organizations do not proliferate, and the formation of which is truly a global undertaking rooted in the express consent of states.
In order to understand the modern application of the United Nations to the international system, it is necessary to discuss the historical context preceding the signing of the United Nations Charter in June of 1945. Previous to the UN, the League of Nations served as the first accepted universal international organization, formed under the fundamental belief that an “international organization devoted to collective security could better guarantee the peace than traditional balance of power politics” (Janis 216). The general public generally strongly supported the establishment of an international government, a feeling accelerated by the Great War of 1914 (Janis 215). As such, the 19th-century is often referred to the era of…

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