International Organisations : International Organization Essay

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The growth in the number and the importance of international organisations has been one of the most prominent features of world politics, particularly since 1945. Some of these are high profile bodies such as United Nations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund, while others are less known but still play key roles in particular fields. By providing a framework for cooperative problem-solving among states, international organisations have modified traditional power politics without threatening the emergence of a global or regional super state. Additionally, the world’s leading international organisation is the United Nations. It has established itself as a truly global body and is regarded by most as an indispensable part of the international political scene. Its core concern with promoting international peace and security has been supplemented by an ever-expanding economic and social agenda. Therefore, this essay will demonstrate how international organisations play a role in international system, mainly focusing on the UN, and how significant they are, and finally draw a conclusion.

Realists are deeply sceptical about international organisations. They view such bodies as largely ineffective and question their authority. Realists argue that power politics operates in and through international organisations, which are regarded as appendages of state system or simply as instruments controlled by powerful states. In addition,…

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