Internal and External Factors Paper

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Internal and External Factors Starting from one man's kind gesture to help wounded soldiers, The Red Cross has grown to be known around the world for their compassionate care for those in need; Working to prevent and/or relieve suffering, the Red Cross is made up of donors, volunteers, and employees. These people come together from all walks of life in order to help those less fortunate or those who have been over-taken by disaster. There are five key service areas in which the Red Cross provides support; disaster relief, supporting America's Military families, lifesaving blood, health and safety services, and International services (Red Cross, 2013). Since being founded in1881 by Clara Barton, the Red Cross has been a consistent …show more content…
So when modern technology goes down, American Red Cross is able to overcome that external factor and allow people to connect in other ways. It has allowed them to give help when needed, where it is needed, and however it is needed. The use of technology has definitely expanded the help of the Red Cross. Now, the functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The Red Cross is just like any other business or company and must be managed properly in order to succeed. Therefore they have plans put in place for what to do when certain disasters strike. This allows them to be prepared to go out and save lives when bad things happen. Of course, like any other plan there are instances that take place that affects that plan and the implementation of that plan. We discussed already how they help connect families even though technology has failed us during these disaster times, but there are other factors that affect them as well. Having multiple diversities could cause them to have to change their former plan and act quickly to make sure they have the correct blood types in order to help everyone involved. Another thing to consider is what if there are people there with different cultures that do not use cell phones or social media or internet at all in order to stay in contact with loved ones? They have to take that

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