Essay about Int Task 3

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3INT Task 3 1. Problem statement
How does salt have an effect on freezing point of water?

2. Relevance of your testable question
When salt is added to water it results in the reduction of its freezing point and the density of water increases. Freezing point depression which is a colligative property does not depend on its solute character rather it depends only on its solute concentration.

3. Literature review
Entropy is frequently defined as a quantitative measure of randomness. When a solute is dissolved in a solution similar to water, the entropy of the solution increases. Freezing becomes extemporaneous when the extent of heat energy lost by the water during freezing is equivalent to the temperature times the
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Referenced below is an example from Aquarius, NASA where similar experiment is demonstrated. Referenced below is a similar experiment demonstration how adding Salt to water lowers its freezing point 4. Experimental design
The term "freezing point depression”: is a process in which adding a solute to a solvent produces a reduction in the freezing point of the solvent. This is seen in all solutions - when the quantity of solute particles are dissolved in the solvent it helps melt the ice by lowering melting point of the ice.

The chemical potential of a solution at liquid state will be equal at the freezing point. Solute particles dissolve only in a liquid solvent. On the other hand, solute particles cannot be dissolved if the solvent in its solid state. Therefore, following the same theory, when a solute is added to a solvent, the chemical potential of the solution will be lowered and so will its freezing point.

5. Threat reduction to internal validity
Purified water will be taken from the same source. All ice cube trays

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