Instrumental Music During The Baroque Era Essay

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Instruments are the heart to one’s self-expression that allows individuals to express their feelings beyond words. The Baroque era from about 1600 to 1750 as well as the classical period from the 1770’s to 1827 can be thanked for the creation of instrumental music as a result of many historical and cultural trends. The Baroque era was the era that contributed to the rise of the soloist, was highly polyphonic, and used ornamental music in which many embellishments, such as trills were added to decorate a line of music. As for the Classical period, which was the period that came after the Baroque era, a clear tune became seen in music and music became less complex. This essay will delve into examining the historical as well as cultural trends that lead to the rise of instrumental music as well as provide a brief history of the violin and how it was able to generate new genres. When focusing on the historical as well as cultural trends that lead to the creation of instrumental music in the Baroque era, the main influence came as a result of the lack of pitch range of instruments within the Renaissance, therefore instrument builders in Italy and Germany were determined on improving as well as refining their instruments to allow Baroque performers to include a more virtuosic playing within their pieces (Popelka). “Baroque composers especially favored the violin, harpsichord, and Organ” ("Baroque Music"). Thus, as a result of the increase in improved instruments, the…

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