Installing A Modern Control Systems Essay

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Lighting control systems have evolved over the past couple of years. Lighting systems are possibly the most important part of any theatre production. The modern control system is typically computerised as they have more features and can do more than the average manual lighting board. They began as manual single channel dimmer sets and have become multi-channel automatic control systems. This essay will explore all of the features of a modern control system and how they differ from the original control boards, the impact of modern control systems in theatre, and what could be next in lighting control systems.
As electricity evolves, the way it is controlled changes also. When lighting was first used in theatre, the lighting system was a bank of switches which turned lights on and off and were not able to be dimmed. Shortly after, resistance dimmers were installed and lights were able to be faded in and out. These dimmers stood side by side inside a wooden box with handles sticking out so that the lights could be controlled. Resistance boards were sometimes called piano boards as the wooden box resembled an upright piano and was ‘played’ when changing the lights. The dimmers controlled a large portion of lights which created a wash instead of individual lights as it was not required at the time. (Holloway, J. 2014)
The next lighting system invented was the first version of control boards made in the late 1950s. The single and two-scene presets used electronic dimmers and gave…

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