Essay on Innocence, Darkness, And The Fall Of A Friend

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Innocence, Darkness, and the Fall of a Friend
Towards the end of Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph is weeping for three things, the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall of his true friend. All of the things he is weeping for can be related to Of Mice and Man by John Steinbeck perfectly. The books two books may be completely different as far as setting and plot go, those three things Ralph wept for makes both of the books complement each other well.
In both these writing innocence is ripped right from their hands. The end of innocence is very apparent in Lord of the Flies when the once innocent children viciously kill Simon (217-221 Golding) and Piggy (260 Golding), all of the innocence that was there previously, was forever stripped away. However, in Of Mice and Men it is less apparent since the end of innocence is not really innocence, it’s a person who represents innocence in the beginning, and Lennie is that person. He never meant to harm anyone, whether it was a mouse, a pup, or a human, he was just a child like man going about his life since he didn 't know any better. He was oblivious and was always trying to please George.
The darkness of man’s heart becomes more and more obvious as the writings go on. In Lord of the Flies, the darkness in man’s heart is human nature itself and how cruel the boys truly became on the island. When the boys no longer have anyone watching their every move they slowly turn into savages, like how people…

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