Injustice Of The Justice System Essay

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Injustice in the Justice System Conflict places an immense strain on society. A person faces a constant battle with conflict everyday. They deal internal with conflict, where inner controls are tested. They deal with conflict within a social group and where outer controls are challenged. Also people are forced to deal with opposing social groups, and this is the idea of the Social Conflict Theory. The dominate social group controls the norms. This group uses overt and covert powers to create the rules of society. The dominant social group in American places a heavy emphasis on material goods. Lavishness is an America has become a cultural norm. When it comes to their homes, automobiles, and vacations Americans believe bigger is better. However, this is an unachievable goal for most people and are judged for breaking this norm. This is an example of the Strain Theory. Due to inner and outer controls, most people turn to ritualism. They know they will never have the best material goods, but they work hard to follow the norm of society. Others fall victim to innovation. People use unconventional methods to achieve their material goods, such as stealing and fraud. Since these are unconventional techniques that means it breaks the norms of society and often breaks criminal law as well. A criminal justice system was created to impose justice on these deviant people. However, this system is flawed and deals with conflict as well. In all three articles about the Orange Country…

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