Essay on Infrastructure and Rural - Urban Development.

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Infrastructures are basic essential services that should be put in place to enable development to occur. Socio-economic development can be facilitated and accelerated by the presence of social and economic infrastructures. If these facilities and services are not in place, development will be very difficult and in fact can be likened to a very scarce commodity that can only be secured at a very high price and cost.
Nigeria Public spending have been geared towards the provision of infrastructures and social services such as schools, hospitals, electricity, water supply etc, while economic activities such as deliberately establishing manufacturing and processing industries
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Rural areas are also characterized by remoteness from the centres, lack of newer things and absence of basic and social amenities.
The majority of Nigerians still live in rural areas. Farming is the major activity of rural Nigerians with arable and perennial crops being the main farm produce. Livestock and fishery production is also significant. Secondary rural activities are trading, food processing, weaving (basket and cloth), tool fabrication, carving, carpentry and poultry. These secondary activities provide supplementary incomes and could constitute a major source of diversification of the rural economy in terms of small scale industries. The rural areas lack basic amenities as potable drinking water, access roads, electricity supply, and good housing. Infrastructures for economic development are in most cases inadequate or completely nonexistent.

Urban centre
Just as the name imply refers to human settlement where economic, political and social activities occur. In this centre the inhabitants are drawn from various occupational, cultural, and ethnic groups. There for urban centres are heterogeneous and complex in nature. It has basic and social amenities that are not available in rural areas.

Evaluating of the effects of social

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