Informative Essay On Drugs

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Register to read the introduction… There are many different strains of marijuana on the market with varying levels of THC and other chemical compounds. The different strains determine the type of high one achieves. The two main strains are Sativa (mental high) and Indica (physical high). Cocaine is used in two different forms: powder form, commonly called the rich man’s high or known on the streets as white girl, is ingested through the nose. This form of cocaine is considered to be pure and the cost is high. The cheaper form of cocaine, found in the more urban areas is crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is combined with other ingredients to cut the strength, cooked and then hardened; this form of cocaine is smoked. Cocaine was originally intended to be used as a mental stimulant. Another commonly used drug is heroin, widely known on the streets as boy, tar or heron. Heroin is not as commonly used as cocaine; it is highly addictive and carries a higher risk of a drug overdose. Heroin is injected into the blood stream with a syringe. Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth, meth, crystal, ice, or Tina is highly common in the western states. Crystal meth is another highly addictive drug and is 3.5 times more powerful than cocaine; the high usually lasts about 12 hours. Meth is ingested by snorting, shooting, or smoking. It is estimated that about 26 million people use meth worldwide. One in four inmates in Oregon test positive for meth at the time of arrest. Meth is considered to be extremely dangerous as it provides an altered sense of reality as it combines the hyperactivity of cocaine with the delirium of LSD and causes the heart rate to pump faster than usual. Meth also causes hallucinations and users sometimes feel as if something is crawling on their skin causing them to pick at themselves, which is why most meth users have …show more content…
We have fought many wars but the biggest and most significant is being fought amongst ourselves. The “War on Drugs” is far from over, with all the new drugs being introduced and the younger generation continuing to experiment, the United States still has a major fight on their hands.
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