Inequality, Poverty, And Violent Extremism Essay example

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In chapter one, we introduce the theme and the major concepts this inquiry deals with. This chapter takes a critical look of these concepts—inequality, poverty, and violent extremism. It begins by providing a concise and comprehensive meaning more so as they apply to, and/or are used in this study. Furthermore, we engage available and relevant literature with the aim to discover various positions of scholars regarding these concepts in the past. This will guide as we navigate this terrain. Finally, it provides the theoretical framework upon which we build our inquiry.
Inequality, poverty, and violent extremism constitute the key concepts in this inquiry. It is imperative at this juncture that we conceptualize them as they would apply to this study. It is to them I now turn.
2.1.1 Inequality
Poverty and inequality in societies have attracted attention of scholars for some time now. While inequality has been a topic of great focus of scholars, particularly sociologists, not many of them have bothered to carefully specify what this concept means to them (Paul D Allison 1978).
Atkinson (1970) is credited as the pioneer of the studies on economic inequalities (Desai 1991). Peter Blau was among the first scholars to specify its meaning. He conceptualized inequality as “the average differences in status between any two pairs relative to the average status” (Peter Blau 1977a; sited in…

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