Inequality In Slavery

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Dating back to the 1450’s slave trade has been a pivotal part of the economic and social changes in America. Europeans “discovery” of North America destroyed Native American lands. Not only had they completely disregard the values and territory of the Native Americans, but they did the same to the people of Africa. The Africans were captured, mistreated, given unequal rights, and treated as if they were animals. The Europeans and Portuguese are to blame for inequality amongst the African people. Jamestown, Virginia was the first settlement that the Europeans established in America. Jamestown was the beginning of inequality and mistreatment amongst Native Americans and Africans. English settlers wanted to gain terrain in North America and by 1607 the Englishmen had built Jamestown, Virginia. Only 105 colonists had landed in Jamestown; after two years 500 more Europeans traveled across the Atlantic and settled in Jamestown. Before the Europeans started capturing Africans, they also created enemies with the Native Americans. The English used the Natives to tend to their plantations and farms, clear the forest, and work in their seafaring industry. Little did the Englishmen know, they were slowly making enemies and killing off the Natives with the …show more content…
Initially the Africans were treated as indentured servants. An indentured servant would serve four to seven years under their owner. They would then receive their “freedom dues.” Where they had earned 100 acres, a bushel of corn, and a new suit of clothing. “Antonio the Nergo,” or as he renamed himself Anthony Johnson, was brought to Jamestown in 1621, served his times as an indentured servant, and was the first free black man in Virginia. Ordinarily this was a major step in the right direction for Africans, but the new colonies decided to change the law and these were drastic changes for the Africans or as they were called,

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