Lynn Eval: The Causes Of Crime

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In Ohio, a two year old girl was playing outside with her mother and older siblings around seven o’clock in the evening. In the mist of their joy, a car sped by their home shooting. When the shooting finally came to an end, the mother found the two year old girl laying on the ground. Unfortunately, the girl was shot in the head and arm. The child arrived to the hospital in “unstable condition” and surgery was not a success. It is sad that it is not safe for young children to play outside of their homes without acts of violent behavior occurring. Why must a person commit such an act of violence?
There are many reasons for a person to commit a violent crime. By analyzing scholarly articles, blogs written by criminologist, and websites published
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In the eyes of some people, individuals like Sara are considered to be crazy. However, this is not the case at all. Bottled up anger and hurt can cause you to live such an unhappy life. A person who has been depressed for so long becomes desperate for happiness and inner peace. This causes them to act on impulses they never acted on before regardless of the consequences that may follow.
In Lynn Eval’s article, Causes of Crime: Explaining Crime, Physical Abnormalities, Psychological Disorders, Social and Economic Factors, Broken Windows, Income and Education, she discussed some interesting causes of crime. Most people commit violent crime because of greed, anger, jealousy, pride, or revenge. In these cases, the criminal holds on to the hurt and pain from horrific events, which leads to emotions running high, causing them to commit violent crimes. It is said that many researchers took upon the task of analyzing connections between neurochemicals and antisocial
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However, there are people in today’s society that would much rather take the “easy way out”. By doing so, this leads them to commit crimes such as armed robbery. Individuals commit armed robbery for two main reasons: survival or greed. Those who are in need of money come from a poor background. It is safe to assume those that fall into this category feel as if they are “forced” to commit such a crime as armed robbery in order to survive. Morgan Kelly’s essay, Inequality and Crime, gave a clear insight of the influence of inequality on violent crimes. Kelly gave readers a summary of statistics for crime rates throughout urban counties to support her hypothesis. Research within the essay states that 70% of the urban population and 80% of violent and property crimes are accounted by 200 of the 829 metropolitan counties of the 48 states. On the other hand, some people who commit armed robbery are greedy because these individuals just have a desire for a material gain and power even though they can provide for themselves. These individuals do not take from the poor. Their ideal victim is one who own a business or two themselves. The bigger the salary, the bigger the

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