Essay About Middle Class

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To understand a middle class in Indonesia, we need to scrutiny first how a class as a social category is able to be comprehend. The class is a collective positionality, which is placed by individual within a particular context of social economy. Due to this context, a social class has a stratification in which exists groups who have abundant economic resources and those who have no or limited economic resources. Another thing should be considered from the stratification is that the position of one social class do not stand apart from another. In other words, the position of class can only be explained in relation to another position of class. The lower class is only called “lower” doe to there is higher class, and the reverse. In this sense, the class arises as a relational category.
In the context of the capitalist social economy, the general tendency of relationality that creates the stratification of social class is certainly the irreconcilable relation of production between the capitalist and the working class. This antagonism lead to the existence of the classes cannot be separated one another. The relation of those classes are able to be understood in the wage relation as the fundamental relation of the capitalist mode of production that makes labour-power a commodity. The capitalist cannot develop
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It results from the hegemonic ideology of the ruling class that reframes the collective experiences of the middle class. This idea is important to be produced and reproduce by the knowledge regime who control the power as the instrument of power to propagandize the goodness and efficacy of capitalism to benefit to society, improve the quality of life of people. In doing so, the middle class to be an instrumental category to divide and split the position of workers as a

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