Fear In 1984

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The story of 1984 written by George Orwell reflects a society that completely contrasts with America today. 1984 shows an important guide to life for modern Americans. Just as how learning history is important to ensure that mistakes are not repeated, 1984 can give caution to government systems as well as persons regarding how societies should not be oppressed and controlled. 1984’s government, also known as “Big Brother” restrains the people of freedom to express themselves and have individuality. Loyalty to the government is enforced by Big Brother in order to keep people from defying them. The overall goal is to eliminate any kind of individuality through fear. Orwell interprets a faultless totalitarian society in his novel written in …show more content…
The telescreens represent that the Party is continuously watching every person. Each telescreen has a built in microphone and camera to spy on people. Even facial expressions are monitored and judged. Just a wrong look can cause someone to be guilty of facecrime and punished. There is nowhere to go that is not being watched or cannot be heard. This fears the people to behave in a manner the Inner Party wants because they have no privacy. Winston believes that he is safe in only a few places such as in the forest with his lover Julia, in his nook of his house, and in his mind. However, he is not safe in any of these places. As it turns out, O’Brien finds out about his hiding places and figures out ways of watching him. As a result, the telescreens symbolize of the fact that Big Brother is continuously …show more content…
At the end of 1984, Winston is accused by the Thought Police of thoughtcrime and is tortured until he finally admits he loves Big Brother. The Party has done everything necessary to preserve Winston 's loyalty to the government. Winston has now been manipulated to support his leader despite what he once thought. Big Brother has gone to great lengths to change Winston 's mind and got what they desired. He controls every thought and action of every person in Oceania. Even the children. Kids are awarded for turning in their own parents to the Thought Police because they are brainwashed to do so by the Party. The government is so powerful that it can cause children to betray their own maternities. Anyone who dared think against Big Brother was punished severely or killed. This alone, frightened people to obey the laws. If anyone was accused of not being loyal to the government, they would be taken without any chance of proving their

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