Indigenous Role Models Play A Crucial Part Essay

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Indigenous role models play a crucial part when it comes to inspiring Indigenous youth in Australian society. The focus of this essay is to demonstrate how Cathy Freeman became a noteworthy Indigenous role model; examining her history and the key events that aided in her success and how these have contributed to Australian society.
Catherine (Cathy) Freeman was born in Mackay, Queensland on the 16th February 1973, to parents Cecelia and Norman Freeman (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Islander Studies [AIATIS], 2015). However, due to her father’s destructive behaviour and alcohol dependence, the family separated and Freeman resided with her mother from the age of five, in various locations throughout Queensland (Australian National University, 2015).
According to AIATIS (2015), Freeman was introduced to athletics at a young age and participated in her first race at eight years old; it was after this race that she declared her love for running. Freeman made the state championships and was encouraged and supported along the way by one of her primary school teachers Mrs. Bauldry, who helped raise enough money to send Freeman to the state championships along with a pair of running spikes (AIATIS, 2015). Mrs. Bauldry’s encouragement boosted Freeman’s low self-esteem and made her aware of the excitement and passion she had for running, which later began to dominant her thoughts and life, and by the age of 14 her career goal was to win an Olympic medal (AIATIS,…

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