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Essay Topic 2 Families play a large role in the lives of every person to ever live. If one is born without a family, their lives will be much different than one who is born with a family, whether that family has a positive influence on said person or not. Every member of a family shapes a person’s identity, especially when they are growing up. If a child grows up with irresponsible parents that do not care for their child or adhere to their needs, the child will most likely grow up to become a person of a similar fashion with similar characteristics as their parents because that is all they have experienced and that is the only way that they
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She tore branches down off of cedar trees and piled them on the deep snow so that he could lie down (Wagamese 39), she even sheltered him against her body and protected him from the harsh cold, so much that she eventually ended up freezing to death (Wagamese 42). Naomi put her life on the line for Saul when his parents abandoned him and because she did not want him to be taken to a residential school and be traumatized. Her goal was for him to survive but also for him not to be assimilated. She wanted him to keep his culture and aboriginal traditions because since his parents had already been converted to christianity, he was the last one left who could. She attempted to ensure that Saul never had to attend a residential school due to its “poorly built” structure and because it is also very “unsanitary” (Woods 174). Author Eric Taylor Woods writes that the Indian residential schools and an “appalling” experience for the native children. The vast majority of the students suffered from “malnourishment, inadequate clothing, insufficient medical care” and “death from disease was not uncommon” (Woods 174). Children were also subject to “psychological, physical, and sexual abuse” (Woods 174). It was in Naomi’s best interest that Saul would be free from experiencing such horrors, but it wasn't until her death that he was finally taken to a residential school, it was not

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