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Current state of Indian Economy August 2010

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry New Delhi

Highlights – August 2010
July 2010 overall industrial growth numbers continued on the path of buoyancy. The high growth in the overall industrial output was solely on account of the heavyweight manufacturing sector. The other two sectors also remained in the positive zone in July and during the period from April – July 2010. However, the growth in output was lower than the growth seen in the corresponding period of previous year (FY10). Going by the use-based classification we see a huge rise in the production of capital goods which rose by 63 percent in July 2010 as compared to the rise of 1.7 percent in the same month of
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The broad money supply rose by 3.4 percent over the period from April to July 2010-11, this was lower than the M3 recorded in same period of previous year. The aggregate deposits was also seen to expand slowly by 3.3 percent during the period from April to July of the current fiscal as compared to the expansion of 6.2 percent during the same period of 2009-10. The bank credit rose by 3.5 percent calculated in July over April 2010. The total revenue of the government stepped up sharply this year with more than twofold increase, from the Rs 105378 crores up to July 2009-10 to Rs 238524 crores up to the month of 2 : Page

July of current fiscal . Consequently, the magnitude of fiscal deficit has contracted by almost 43 percent during this period of 2010-11 over the previous year. According to RBI, government acquired higher than anticipated revenue in July from the auction of 3G and BWG and revenue from taxes helped the holding back of fiscal deficit within the targeted level of 5.5 %. The buoyancy in tax collection in July has been on account of impressive collection in the direct and indirect taxes. However, in growth terms the indirect tax was observed to be much higher as compared to the growth in direct taxes. The indices continue to swing between 16 K to 17K points. In July 2010 it rose to the level of 17.5 K points and currently in September 2010 we saw the Indian stock market

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