India 's Domestic Violence And Its Effects On The United States Department Of Justice

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India prides on its ideology of Patriarchy, which is still heavily enforced to this day. Unfortunately, this proves to have consequences for a large number of the population. A result proves to be domestic violence which is influenced by the thought that the woman must obey the man. By definition it is proven to be either emotional or sexual abuse imposed on the victim (The United States Department of Justice). Issues such as the wife not respecting her husband 's family can impose hefty consequences. As a country that surrounds itself with the importance of reputation, many victims are left feeling helpless. Out of this comes the practice of Dowry in which goods are exchanged on the condition of marriage. A seemingly harmless tradition that instead holds a fatal cost.

The Current Situation
Despite several laws being passed to protect women, dowry is a practice that is still used widely. If we were to place dowry under a category we could label it as Sociological Positivism - a term under Positivist Criminology. This states that the the surrounding society of the individual contributes towards them committing a crime. Unfortunately, even if many domestic crimes are not reported, the statistics are extremely high. A staggering 300,000 reported the crime (Pandey, 2014) and yet officials believe this is nowhere near the real number. Questions are often raised as to why this practice is still enforced despite the law changes and consequences. The deterrence is often jail time…

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