Essay on Incarceration Of Offenders And The Criminal Justice Process

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The purpose of Incarceration of offenders and the criminal justice processes in general is to ensure that criminals are punished for their crimes however more recently research has found that this follows with some collateral consequences. The states punishment is projected further than just the offender, social networks associated with the offender become affected. and become secondary victims to the crime, however they are not given as much support as victims are and subsequently Collateral consequences occur. These include the effect of social stigma attached to being a relation of an offender, the psychological and physical changes when being separated from a family member, and the emotional impact of having direct contact with the criminal justice process, as well as the social disorganisation of communities. This essay will address the collateral consequences involved specifically within the family, these include the psychological and physical changes implemented onto the family, the economic impact which results from the incarceration of a family member (comfort 2007). the main Researchers that will be discussed in this essay include (………..)
The provision of support including social, moral and psychological support by the families has been suggested to be crucial in minimizing the chances of reoffending (Paylor & Smith, 1994). However, it would appear that there is a lack of understanding of the collateral consequences on the family.

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