Inca Ceramic Technology Essay

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The site of Sacsahuaman depicts an amazing technology. Probably, the Inca ruins can be regarded as the most glamorous megalithic architecture in the modern world. The manner in which the gigantic and irregular rocks are fixed continues to astound observers at present (Lee 1986: 49). The greatest mystery of Andean technology is how perfect the boulders were arranged. Sadly, the Incas did not record or report any records about their methods.
Owing to the lack of records other than the fortresses themselves, many theories have emerged to explain the construction of the enigmatic monument. Of all these concepts, none actually issue sufficient details. Some of the proposed theories are liquid stone solvent, exotic explanations, and giant builders. The assumption is that the entire work was beyond the capabilities of ‘primitive’ people. (Lee 1986: 49)
The Scribing and Coping Building Technique
The scribing and coping building construction technique achieves the required fit in a single operation and demands just lowering one stone to its desired place. The technology is efficient regarding labor. It
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The technology began in the heartland of the Inca Empire and later spread the Inca motifs to the remaining provinces and the kingdom’s outskirts. The empire was ethnically diverse, yet they still manage to produce these ceramics. However, each region appeared to posses its specific provincial ceramic style. They made many potteries based on varying shapes.
One of the main features of the Inca ceramics is that they did not depict the human form like other communities (Miller 1987: 130). Instead, the potters based their shapes on geometry and animals. Their shapes did not have the artistry of ceramics witnessed in earlier civilizations like Nazca and Moche. Their production was anchored on two purposes: ceremonial and

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